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Avteh OPTs

Avteh OPT

Avteh OPT (Outdoor Payment Terminals). Kiosk, vending machine or urban sales unit. Call it what you want, it is a reliable 24/7 workforce that never disappoints.

Avteh OPT is the result of our own development based on years of experience. Provide high costumer satisfaction speeding up processes and removing waiting queues. Terminals also improve staff efficiency and visitor experience. There are no more issues with administration mistakes and time restrictions.

Informed consumers are much more likely to buy. Deliver self-service information in an attractive way and keep it accurate easily. With Avteh OPT information systems there is no need to print and distribute brochures any more. Make updates and repair remotely in minutes and at no cost.

  • Strong, safe and reliable
  • Fast and easy to use
  • Many possible functions and quick upgrades for new ideas
  • Statistic, analysis, reports
  • Full integration whit other existing business systems
  • User interface adapted for the client and its customers
  • Attractive, High-Quality design
  • Long-Term support and sustainability

Avteh OPT is self-service solution for petrol stations

Avteh d.o.o.

This Avteh OPT modern fuel terminal can be used internationally and helps to increase your sales. It does so while offering an all-round controlling and security concept. Truly a world class performance.

24-hour operation Data polling during ongoing fueling operation guarantees uninterrupted use.

Low-maintenance fuel terminal Modern components like the 15’’ touch-screen and high-speed thermal printer in combination with a large paper roll take care of that. Technical service and maintenance can also be carried out easily by remote access.

Secure and user-friendly A full-sized graphic display with language selection satisfy every requirement.

Avteh OPT

Specification Hardware

  • robust, vandal proof housing
  • Industrial PC based
  • 15’’ touch-screen
  • High-speed thermal printer
  • Reliable magnetic stripe/smart card reader (Ingenico i9500)
  • Banknote acceptor
  • Banknote dispenser for changes
  • Cash ticket (cash coupon) printer for changes
  • Mobile payment terminal
  • Contact-less card reader for fleet/internal cards or bonus/loyalty schemes
  • Speakerphone and microphone
  • Pinhole camera and presense sensor
  • Bar code scanner
  • UPS

Avteh OPT integrated

Integriran Avteh OPT

Avteh OPT integrated into dispenser fueling point


  • XP Embedded operating system
  • Modular design for easy customizations and future scalability based on MS .NET
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Service interface
  • Financial transactions
  • Loyalty and bonus programs support
  • Remote configuration, monitoring and software upgrades
  • Local management
  • Centralized management
  • Forecourt Controller connectivity for pumps control:
  • Interfaces: RS422, RS485, USB, LON, TCP/IP

Standalone Avteh OPT with roof

Samostojen Avteh OPT

Kiosk, vending machine or urban sales unit

  • Bill payment (water, electricity and gas, etc.)
  • E-ticket (parking tickets and movie tickets)
  • Prepaid card sales (game cards and VoIP calling cards)
  • Card payment (internal card, membership cards)
  • Other extended services

User - friendly interface

Uporabniški Vmesnik
Urban sales unit
Uporabniški Vmesnik
MAXEN petrol station
Uporabniški Vmesnik
ČEPRO,a.s. internal station