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Tank level gauge with advanced probe response analysis algorithm

STAR-1 is a tank level gauge supporting PS and BP tank probes and SPR leakage sensors. The basic configuration supports up to 10 PS-1.1 tank probes. The optional STAR-1 LS module provides connection of up to 10 active or passive leakage sensors or level switches. Tank probe responses are constantly analyzed by a highly sophisticated algorithm, detecting dirt, possible measurement noise and other anomalies, which in conjunction with the segmented capacitive principle of the tank probes provides an unsurpassed accuracy of the measurements. Bus protocol, used for communication with the tank level gauge, is available for integration of STAR-1 with third party solutions.


  • Intrinsically safe power supply for tank probes, leakage sensors and level switches
  • Sophisticated tank probe response algorithm
  • Advanced product height to product volume conversions
  • Temperature compensationn
  • Measurements history and product supply recording
  • Measurements history and product supply recording


STAR-1 tank level gauge provides the necessary barrier, power supply and control electronics for operation of PS-1.1 and BP-1 tank probes, SPR-2 leakage sensors and NVST level switches in explosion endangered areas. STAR-1 corresponds to EN 50014 and EN 50020. The housing of the measuring station provides IP 20 degree of protection.


STAR-1 is designed for wall installation. Indoor installation is recommended, however a housing for outdoor installation is available. STAR-1 must be installed outside the explosion endangered


Simplifying the configuration, maintenance and usage of the whole measuring system and STAR-1, a range of user-friendly software and hardware tools is available. Star Tester device is used for testing correct installation and later troubleshooting of the measuring system. Star Configurator software application is designed for initial configuration of the STAR-1 as any later reconfiguration. Star Explorer software application provides simple wet stock management on the service station or terminal, graphically representing all data available from the STAR-1.