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In the oil industry chain, Avteh plays it’s role as well. More specific, Avteh is known for providing and maintaining measuring electronics, and constructing, maintaining and refurbishing automatic gas stations, such as gas stations Maxen.

Avteh’s measuring electronics for fuel level measurements in gas station’s underground tanks is incredibly precise, as it’s level measurements are in the range of tenths of a millimetre.

Most of slovenian fuel providing companies already trust us as well as many abroad companies and the interest is still growing.


Advanced solution for automated tank level gauging at service stations and warehouses

Automated tank gauging (ATG) system provides extremely accurate wet stock control 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, allowing the site personnel to focus more on dry stock and sales while reducing the human error factor to the minimum.

Reliable proprietary hardware including high resolution tank probes for measuring different product types in various types and sizes of underground and aboveground storage tanks, tank level gauges and on-site controllers, ensure highly accurate wet stock measurements at service stations as well as on warehouses. Raw data is automatically processed to ensure data quality, providing reliable inventory trends, hourly and midnight measurements, inventory, alarm and document statuses at staff shifts, sales transactions, delivery confirmations, etc. at each individual site. The system is IFSF information compatible and providing all the necessary data required for efficient inventory management in the oil & gas industry.

ATG comprises:

· PS Tank Probe
High-resolution tank probe, measuring fuel and water levels in underground and aboveground storage tanks

· BP Tank Probe
A high-resolution modular measuring probe for large storage tanks

· Commander Server
On-site controller supporting service station operations and company wide fuel logistics

· STAR Tank Level Gauge
Tank level gauge with advanced probe response analysis algorithm

· SPR Leakage Sensor
Interstitial liquid leakage sensor ensuring environmental safety

· NVST Level Switch
Two-position level switch providing overfill and underfill alarm triggering