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Avteh offers a wide selection of different solutions. We execute projects in the field of industrial automation, we offer software solutions for simplification of company management, we install alarm and video surveilance systems and many other solutions.

Our knowledge is constantly upgrading and is being implemented into new solutions:

  • leadership, coordination and supervision of projects in the field of industrial automation,
  • creating business information systems connected with automated technological processes,
  • designing and executing systems for SCADA control, including integration of existing subsystems,
  • designing and executing various technological solutions with PLC controllers (i.e. SIEMENS, GE Fanuc, Schneider Electric),
  • designing and executing projects in transport systems,
  • designing and executing revitalizations of landfill machines, rotary excavators,
  • designing and executing solutions in the field of biomass,
  • designing and executing projects in cement plants,
  • designing, building and testing our own products for execution of control and data transfer,
  • design and execution of mixing systems (electrical filtering ash,…).

Izvedba Tehnoloških Avtomatizacij

At Avteh we create comprehensive solutions for the industry in the field of automation, computer guidance and process computerization. We integrate results of our own development into our solutions with the equiptment and knowledge of the leading world manufacturers. Long years of experience of our engineers in the field of industrial automation contribute to our approach to every project. Safety and quality of our systems always come first.

Avteh covers a wide range of industries. All of our systems are custom made and are therefore adaptable to every desire and need. Rapid advancements in technology gives us a possibility that each system we build is more reliable and easy to use. Every system is upgrade-able technologically as well as content wise. Avteh is building systems as independant units as well as integrated parts of an existing system.