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The Automated service stations brings a new business model to the world of fuel distribution, based on a 24-hour a day, 7-days per week operating service stations without any personnel on site

Innovative designed, Fully automated self-service service stations without personnel and significantly reduced costs of operation are the basis of successful operation of the 24/7 system.

Fully Automated Unmanned - The presence of sales and supervision personnel on the service station is not necessary at the service stations during the time of operation. Remotely managed: while monitoring of key system parameters and alarms at the service stations is performed by a remote monitoring system. Payments are carried out using state-of-the art payment terminals.

User-friendly- The customers carry out all the necessary procedures at the service station in a quick and simple manner.

Non-stop operation – Representing a step forward in satisfying the customers’ needs. All services are available to customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Low investment costs The construction costs of Automated service stations are significantly lower compared to a classic service station while remote monitoring guarantees reduction of the fixed maintenance costs.

Low costs of operation – Remote monitoring guarantees reduction of the fixed maintenance costs.


Avteh d.o.o.

Advanced technology is making the whole system operating optimally with minimal personnel requirements and low cost of operation. The fuel payment system is supporting payment with cash, credit cards and internal or mobile phones.

The equipment of the automated service stations also includes site management system, making unmanned and uninterrupted operation possible.

Tank Level Measurement - Automated tank gauginq (ATG) system provides extremely accurate local and remote wet stock control over multiple sites 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Fuel payment - Special purpose designed payment terminal support number of payments via cash, credit cards and internal or mobile phone payment.

Site Management - The monitoring of the fuel inventory, vending machines’ stock inventory, control of service station equipment, payment supervision, monitoring of environmental parameters, monitoring and control of fire protection and extinguishing equipment, equipment configuration and upgrading, price pole configuration and video surveillance are all provided remotely from the company headquarters using the Site Management system. This system also provides alarm monitoring and notifying.


Avteh d.o.o.

Due to their architecture, advanced technology and optimized operation the 24/7 service stations are suitable for placement in various environment types.

  • City Centers
  • Suburban and Rural Areas
  • Shopping Centers
  • Commercial Sites